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In July 2020, AAP California Chapter 1 received $75,000 in grant funds from the Office of the California Surgeon General (CA-OSG) and the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to participate in the state’s ACEs Aware initiative. AAPCA1 views the ACEs Aware Communications Grant as a valuable opportunity to address the ongoing and increased trauma our families and providers suffer during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have witnessed disruptions in the supportive relationships with families as routine well-visits, the anticipated setting for ACEs screening and counseling, have dropped, and community structures and support services for children and families have dramatically declined. We see our proposed communication strategy as a way to enrich our trusted partnerships with families, address traumas, and reconnect families to their medical homes and community programs. Isra Uz-Zaman MS, Renee Wachtel MD and Diane Dooley MD wrote the grant and serve as the steering committee members for this initiative.


ACEs Aware Implementation Guide

Reference this guide to get your practice on board with attestation and ACEs screening in a step by step guide that includes valuable references every step of the way.

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Getting Started
I am unfamiliar with ACEs, and would like to learn more about what it is and how I can best address it among the patients I practice on. Covered topics include Building Resilience and Toxic Stress.
Deeper Dive
I know what ACEs is, but am a bit uncertain on how to screen for these factors and ask about them. Covered topics include Trauma-Informed Care and How to Screen for ACEs.
I feel comfortable with my knowledge of ACEs, but want to learn how to best engage other practices to implement ACEs informed care in a sustainable way. Covered topics include Referrals & Follow Up and ACEs Screening in Practice.

Events: AAPCA1 Chapter Chats

August 23, 2021: Screening for ACEs: The Missing Link in Fostering Early Childhood Development

Slides can be accessed HERE.

August 18, 2021: Mitigating Compassion Fatigue to Build Resilient Providers

Slides can be accessed HERE.

June 9, 2021: AAPCA1 Storytelling Night

May 11, 2021 Building Resilient Families through Trauma-Informed Care

February 10, 2021 Healing the Healer: Practicing What We Preach Chapter Chat

December 16, 2020 Chapter Chat: ACEs Training and COVID-19

Eblasts & Newsletters

ACEs Aware Survey Raffle Winners, PDF Available HERE

September ACEs Eblast: Pandora's Box in Child Maltreatment, Should you Report?, PDF Available HERE

September Newsletter: Why Should Pediatricians Care About Maternal Adverse Childhood Experiences, PDF Available HERE

August Eblast: Controversies in ACEs Screening (or Is An ACEs Score Predictive), PDF Available HERE

August Newsletter Feature: The Protective Factors Framework, PDF Available HERE

July Eblast: School Readiness and ACEs Screening, PDF Available HERE

July Newsletter Feature: Identifying ACEs to Prevent Chronic Conditions, PDF Available HERE

June Eblast: The Power of Number Story, PDF Available HERE

June Newsletter Feature: The Power of Positive Parenting, PDF Available HERE

May Eblast: Strengthening Families Through Trauma Informed Care, PDF Available HERE

May Newsletter Feature: Powerful Parenting Practices to Prevent ACEs, PDF Available HERE

April Eblast: Building Out A Network of Care Referral System, PDF Available HERE

ACEs Eblast: Initiative Highlights, PDF Available HERE

March ACEs Eblast: The Power of Effective Listening, PDF Available HERE

March Newsletter: Prevention and Early Intervention in ACEs,PDF Available HERE

February ACEs Eblast: Associated Conditions of Toxic Stress,PDF Available HERE

February Newsletter: Staff ResiliencyPDF Available HERE

January ACEs Eblast: Integenerational Trauma and ACEs Screening, PDF Available HERE

January Newsletter: "Invisible Scars" and Stanford's ECHO Program, PDF Available HERE

December ACEs Eblast: ACEs Screenings in High Risk Areas, PDF Available HERE

December Newsletter: Toxic Stress and Screening for ACEs, PDF Available HERE

November ACEs Eblast: Trauma Informed Care, PDF Available HERE

November Newsletter with Resiliency Feature, PDF Available HERE

October Newsletter with ACEs Aware Training feature , PDF Available HERE

October Eblast: Resiliency, ACEs, and Overcoming the Odds, PDF Available HERE

September ACEs Introductory Eblast, PDF Available HERE


Here are some highlights of monthly webinars and blogs focused on supporting families during this difficult time:
Blog by Dr. Hilary M. Bowers MD – 9/23/2020
Useful short summary of strategies for sharing stress management tips with families.
Introductory 90-minute webinars are available on their site to support health care providers in identifying their own patterns that can either enhance or limit their resilience and ability to maintain personal balance.
Additionally, Dovetail offers "We are Resilient"TM Webinars and courses to learn how to share practical skills to families for resilience and social and emotional learning.
This informational sheet covers an overview of what Adverse Childhood experiences are, how they cause stress in our patients and families, and what pediatricians can do to help.
AAP California Chapters and ACEs Aware webpage now available on PACEs Connection!
Join the community here. The purpose of this site is to serve as a collaborative and informative space for AAP California chapters to share their resources, events, and local efforts related to the ACEs Aware grant. We want to promote an experience catered to our California pediatric community that is niched to those interests and concerns. We invite all AAP California chapters to engage with, update, and share ACEs related information on this page so that it can be a mutually beneficial space for all. This is also an opportunity for your chapter to improve attendance at your ACEs sponsored events, learn and share new resources, and foster cross-chapter event collaborations.

Contact Aliza Newman, Project Coordinator, projectcoordinator@aapca1.org for further information.