Disaster Preparedness


Disasters can happen anywhere and at any moment. Northern and Central California has experienced multiple wildfires in recent years resulting in many lost lives, injuries and destroyed homes. Earthquakes, floods and gun violence are other real threats to our communities. Children are especially vulnerable because they are more likely to get sick or severely injured, they may not be able to take care of themselves and have less capacity to understand and recover from disaster-related mental stress.

One clear way to mitigate the effects of disasters is to prepare for them. We have assembled resources in the space below to help pediatrician help families prepare for disasters; and help themselves and their practices. Please do remember that the best way to prepare is to practice by developing plans, assembling supplies and participating in drills. If you would like to join chapter efforts to better prepare children, families, pediatricians and communities, please let us know.


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Preparing Your Office for Climate Change Related Natural Disasters and Emergencies – 11/5/20

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Disaster Preparedness, Part 1

Disasters can happen anywhere, anytime and probably when least expected. The wild fires of last summer reminded all of us that our daily routines can suddenly change. How can we best prepare, so that we can minimize loss of lives and properties, so that we can overcome potential disruptions and continue to do what we do best, to take care of our patients? This is the first of a series of articles on disaster preparedness this summer.

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After a Crisis, What Then?

A few suggestions and resources from Dr. David Schonfeld, Director of the National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement

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AirNow: Regional Air Quality Monitor

A monitor to find your region's current air quality.

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Wildfire Smoke Factsheets

Includes tips to reduce one's smoke exposure.

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CDC: Stay Safe During a Wildfire

Includes information on protecting oneself from smoke, evacuating safely, and staying healthy through power outages.

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Disaster Preparedness to Meet Children’s Needs

A resourceful website developed by AAP

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CDC: Caring for Children in a Disaster

Includes sections on Children with Special Healthcare Needs; and on Tools and Resources

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Plan. Be Prepared. Recover.

Handout for Pediatricians with key links for information on preparing families and offices; and connecting with county, state and national efforts.

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