Immigrant Health

As physicians, we are privileged to provide care to families from diverse populations and countries of origin. The health of children in immigrant families is linked to the sociopolitical context in which they live. The history and continuous changes of immigration policy at federal, state, and local levels have shaped the health of these communities. Such shifts have had various impacts on health and healthcare access for immigrant communities, many times detrimental to their overall health.

Fifty percent of California’s children have at least one immigrant parent. Many counties in our chapter have populations where one-third of the residents are immigrants. Making healthcare facilities a safe space for immigrant families as well as optimizing care is an important goal for the chapter and its members.




This program aims to dispel misinformation about the public charge rule through a two-pronged approach that creates accurate resources with current and periodically updated information for 1) physicians and 2) immigrant families and advocates.

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AAPCA1 Statement on Violence Against Children


AAP National’s Statement on Treatment of Haitian Immigrants at U.S. Southern Border

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Immigrant Child Health Committee

The Immigrant Child Health Committee seeks to provide training and education for members to care for newcomer children in Northern and Central California, build relationships with community organizations to improve access to care for migrant children and advocate for inclusive policies that address the evolving needs of migrant children in Northern and Central California and beyond.  




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AAP Immigrant Child Health Resources

AAP Resources, Policy Statements, Toolkit and Educational Material

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The Border is Everywhere

Proactive Tips for Care of Immigrant Kids

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Protecting Immigrant Families, Advancing Our Future

Campaign committed to lifting up immigrant voices and advocating for humane immigration policies. Take Action by Writing to Legislative Officials. 

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The Butterfly Effect: Migration is Beautiful

Join Bay Area youth activists in creating 76,020 butterflies to stand in solidarity with the 76,020 migrant children detained at the border in 2019.

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Resident Action: How can physicians promote immigrant health?

Take action by following these action points for pediatric health care providers created by Greta Peng, MD & UCSF Residency Immigration Task Force.

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Afghan Refugee Community Resources

Resources for Afghan Refugees such as: Government, Employment, Legal, Mental Health, Housing, and more.

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Immigrant Child Clinical Recommendations

These clinical practice guidelines have been consolidated from the latest recommendations from the CDC and AAP.

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Immigrant Voting Guides

Check out these guides for more information and resources on voting!

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Immigration as a Social Determinant of Health

Article from Annual Review of Public Health

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Standardized Response to ICE raids at healthcare institutions

View relevant resources, hotlines, and toolkits

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AAP Policy Statements

Read AAP policies on Immigrant Children and Families

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AAP Immigrant Child Health Toolkit

This toolkit was designed to provide a template of practical information for pediatricians to address common matters related to immigrant child health.

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