What is the Data Exchange Framework?

The data exchange framework is an agreement across health and human services systems and providers to share information safely. That means every health care provider can access the information they need to treat you quickly and safely; health care, behavioral health and social services agencies can connect to each other to deliver what Californians need to be healthy; and our public health system can better assess how to address the needs of all communities.

Hundreds of experts and members of the public have spent the last year shaping a framework that delivers on these principles. On this website, learn more about the progress toward seamless data exchange that will improve Californians’ experience of health care, support California’s whole-person care transformation, and put consumers in the drivers’ seat with our health data.

Data Exchange Framework Guiding Principles


Why is it needed?

Every Californian, no matter where we live, should be able to walk into a doctor’s office, a county social service agency, or an emergency room and be assured health and human services providers can access the information they need to provide safe, effective, whole person care—while keeping our data private and secure.

This is the goal of California’s Health and Human Services Data Exchange Framework, a first-ever, statewide data sharing agreement that will accelerate and expand the exchange of health information among health care entities, government agencies, and social service programs beginning in 2024.

Sign the Data Sharing Agreement

Learn more about the California Data Exchange and signing agreement requirements here: https://www.mwe.com/insights/10-things-providers-should-know-about-californias-data-exchange-framework/

What Can I Do?

  1. Get ready – Work with your Practice Leadership and/or Chief (Medical) Information Officer to ensure that your patient's health data can be shared with the California in a manner that adheres to professional and legal obligations related to pediatric/adolescent data privacy and access. Ensure that the California Health Data Exchange Framework fits with your ongoing health data exchange efforts--including EHR-vendor-based data sharing and initiative to share information with schools and community-based organizations.
  2. Take Action - On November 29, 2022, CalHHS launched a Signing Portal to allow health care providers, plans and other health care organizations to sign the DSA.


Newsletter Articles


"What is the Data Exchange Framework?"

How many times have you seen a patient in your clinic with mental health concerns and discovered at the end of the visit that they were already seeing a therapist? The Data Exchange Framework (DxF) is an opportunity to create equitable and affordable health information exchange


"National & Statewide Progress for Health Data Exchange"

On February 13 the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) took a significant leap forward toward comprehensive nationwide Health Data Exchange when it announced the first set of Qualified Health Information Networks (QHINS).

Chapter Chats

Chapter Chat: The Data Exchange Framework Initiative – 1/24/2023

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Resources: The Data Exchange Framework Initiative – CalHHS Website

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