There are many heroes in our world! We recognize the excellent work of our chapter members.

2021 Recipients

Equitable Health through Mindfulness, Movement, Cooking

Caren Vance, MD, FAAP & Miriam Rhew, MD, MPH, FAAP

This projects plans to address the epidemic of unhealthy lifestyle often presenting as obesity, and hopes to develop an online group health visit for primary care pediatric offices.

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Healing Through Art Therapy: HART Approach

Sarah Benke, DO

This project will implement an educational workshop discussing its current research and benefits will be presented to the CBOs, allowing the opportunity to identify gaps in knowledge and better understand barriers to art therapy integration.

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My Heart 2.0

Alexandra Curry, DO

This project plans to educate and create a community for adolescents with congenital heart disease (CHD); a place to laugh, play and grow with individuals who understand what it’s like to grow up with a transformed, upgraded heart (hence My Heart 2.0).

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Helping Hands: School Nurses on Frontlines

Anahita Emamian, MD

This project seeks to raise awareness among families and school nurses on common mental health issues encountered by children through a series family centered handouts in English and Spanish.

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The Crucial Role of Foster Parents

Keenia Tappin, MD

This project aims to evaluate the knowledge, awareness and understanding among foster families about ACEs and the impact of ACEs on foster children.

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2020 Recipients

Inyo County Family Strengthening Project

Charlotte Helvie, MD, FAAP

This project seeks to formalize the interaction between various providers and agencies in Inyo County who work with children in order to improve the identification of families who are at increased risk of child abuse or neglect and the ability of these families to access supportive services.

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Mental Health Among South Asian Girls

Priya Shankar, MD

This project seeks to address the high burden of mental health issues among women and girls in the South Asian community, by working to raise awareness about key community issues, including cultural and social shame surrounding the topics of mental health, sexuality, and gender identity.

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Nutrition and Garden Club

Vanessa Boshuizen, MD & Xing Wang, MD

This project focuses on developing a sustainable, peer-ambassador nutrition behavior curriculum and implementing training among interested students to broaden the reach of an existing after school gardening program to promote positive nutrition behavioral changes for the school community at large.

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A Video Based Bridge to ABA

Maya Raman, MD & Clarissa Camarillo, MD

This project aims to support families waiting for access to ABA by demonstrating hands-on strategies for implementing behavioral interventions, to improve families’ understanding of behavioral strategies, and timely initiation of early intervention for children with ASD via a web-based video series that will be publicly available to families/caregivers.

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Promoting Childhood Literacy & Anti-Bias Development

Iván Marquez, MD

This project aims to adapt the Reach Out and Read (ROR) model to reflect the inclusive and culturally responsive care model practiced at the Sacramento Native American Health Center (SNAHC), by contributing to the workplace culture essential to SNAHC’s care model.

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The VOICE Project

Stephanie Fong Gomez, MD, MS & Noor Chadha, MS3

The VOICE Project will take a strengths-based approach by bringing local student leaders from underserved backgrounds to our clinic waiting rooms to register, educate, and empower adolescents and family members to vote.

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