Mental Health

The American Academy of Pediatrics, California Chapter 1 conducted a mental health survey after our roundtable discussion regarding mental health at the 2017 Annual Meeting in San Jose. It became clear that our members face various difficulties in identifying mental health issues in their patients, hurdles in providing support and giving referrals that result in the patients connecting with a mental health professional. The system in place to provide mental health access is complex and burdensome.

To assist our members, the AAPCA1 compiled a list of mental health links that you may find useful. This receptacle for information will be updated regularly to provide you with the most relevant information pertaining to mental health.


Committee on Substance Use and Prevention (COSUP)

The Committee On Substance Use and Prevention (COSUP) is concerned with the prevention, early recognition, and appropriate management of substance use by young people; initiates professional and public education in this area, including best screening, assessment, and treatment practices; makes appropriate policy recommendations to the membership; and is involved in state-wide advocacy efforts.

Chair(s): Seth Ammerman, MD, FAAP








Child Abuse Prevention, Education and Treatment Committee (CAPET)

Rachel Gilgoff, MD, FAAP


A major focus of the committee is child abuse prevention and education. The Committee will collaborate with Child Abuse Prevention Councils of California and help facilitate access to prevention tools for Chapter 1 pediatricians. The committee will be spearheading the creation of a sexual assault services directory. The goal of the directory is to provide guidance to local law enforcement agencies and emergency departments. The committee will also create a comprehensive list of child abuse pediatricians who are available to provide community trainings throughout the state of California.