Medical Education Training in Adolescent Depression and Suicide Screening



Websites for Anxiety

Educational materials for patients and families




Maternal/Perinatal Depression

Maternal Depression Screening. Perinatal depression can lead to family dysfunction, impaired social interactions and delay in infant’s social-emotional, language and cognitive development. The AAP preventive guidelines recommend screening the mother prenatally and by 1 month of infant life, 2, 4, and 6 months of life13.


Apps that Patients Can Use to Help with Anxiety and Depression

  • Breath2Relax   A app that teaches diaphragmatic breathing to help with anxiety
  • Headspace and Calm   Two apps that help teach meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Mood Tools: There are good reviews from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America for this app.  It has a thought diary, psychotherapy and cognitive behavior components.
  • My3:  Developed by the Mental Health Association of New York.  Allows one to develop a crisis intervention plan and provide crisis hotline numbers.


Suicide risk


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