Are you caring for Afghan Refugee Families?

A number of organizations have compiled information and resources to support your care and we’d like to pass them on to you:



Legal Help: CAIR
mmigration Resources
For info/ updates:
For Resources (resettlement/ housing/ legal help):
To submit a case / get direct help from a lawyer:
Paperwork / Immigration Process:
Pars Equalisty Center
Direct link:
Resettlement Agencies / Emergency Housing REDA Emergency Refugee Housing Service Center Phone: (916) 500-4299
Also can try IRC (this site just has general info)
Unemployment / Rental Assistance – due to Covid Asian Resources (open to all):
For further assistance please call (916) 454-1892
For further assistance please call (916) 454-1892
can also try..

Lao Family (financial, job, housing)

Want to Give Donations

Want to Give & Get Donations

Contact on InstaGram: @mak_nificent
– Toiletries / hygiene / NEW clothes, undergarments / blankets towels , pillows, prayer rugs / canned food, gift cards / oil, rice, flour, sugar, tea, spice/ baby formula, benadryl /tylenol
If want to find out
other ways to help Afghanistan:
My Sister’s House Contact – Shing
– For all clothing donations and can provide support.
Text: (443) 470 – 0461