The grant program will disseminate accurate information to address fears related to misinformation about the public charge rule which often dissuades immigrants from using available healthcare resources. Through the use of different media that will be consistently updated, easily accessible, and reliable, this project takes an innovative approach to reaching families by tapping into their daily lives while other interventions have focused on providing information to families through only one modality (eg, healthcare) or through static singular handouts or events. This program aims to dispel misinformation about the public charge rule through a two-pronged approach that creates accurate resources with current and periodically updated information for 1) physicians and 2) immigrant families and advocates. The first set of resources will target providers and immigrant family interactions to ensure that patients and families are receiving accurate information in healthcare settings. The second set of resources will focus more broadly on community members and will span multiple different media to reach a larger population. With the planned two-pronged approach, physicians will also be able to strengthen their knowledge base so that they can more effectively offer patients accurate advice and resources, serving as another point of contact.


As of March 9,2021, the public charge rule has been reverted back to its 1999 guidelines. Read more below!

Immigrant Child Clinical Recommendations

These clinical practice guidelines have been consolidated from the latest recommendations from the CDC and AAP.

Download as PDF here. 

Public Charge Resources for Pediatricians

Learn how to best support community members you serve

Public Charge Resources for Immigrant Families

Learn more about your families' rights under the Public Charge Rule

Chapter Chats

March 23, 2022: Clinical Recommendations and Models of Care for Newcomer Children

Slides available HERE

October 28, 2021: Supporting the Resettlement and Care of Afghan Refugees

Slides available HERE
Resources and Donation Links available HERE

August 13, 2021: Supporting the Mental Health and Wellness of Immigrant Families

Slides & Resources available HERE

Books for Children on Immigration available HERE

Adaptable Template Window Flyer "Healthcare is a Human Right" available HERE

July 8, 2021: UnDocu-Ally Training for Health Professionals with Yadira Ortiz and Maria De Los Angeles Almaraz

Slides available HERE

April 21, 2021 : Welcoming Immigrant Families in a Clinical Setting Chapter Chat with Clarisa Reyes-Becerra, Esq. and Dr. Anisa Ibrahim

Slides available HERE

List of Resources mentioned in Chat available HERE

Since this lecture was recorded, the public charge rule was reversed in March 2021 back to the pre-Trump 1999 guidelines. As such, the only benefits included will be cash assistance programs and long term institutionalized care. The rest of the information provided in the webinar is still applicable. For more information, please see our pediatrician and family resource pages.

January 13, 2021 : Public Charge Chapter Chat with Clarisa Reyes-Becerra

Slides available HERE

List of Resources mentioned in Chat available HERE

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This grant program is only made possible thanks to donations to the Friends of Children Fund.