The Immigrant Child Health Committee seeks to provide training and education for members to care for newcomer children in Northern and Central California, build relationships with community organizations to improve access to care for migrant children and advocate for inclusive policies that address the evolving needs of migrant children in Northern and Central California and beyond.  





  1. Provide education, workshops and/or resources to support the clinical care of newcomer children and their families in Northern and Central California
  2. Strengthen and build relationships with local, state and national committees to improve health and settlement support for newcomer children
  3. Advocate with local and state policymakers to center the needs of migrant children and their families in relevant policies


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The California Chapter 1 program aims to dispel misinformation about the public charge rule through a two-pronged approach that creates accurate resources with current and periodically updated information for 1) physicians and 2) immigrant families and advocates. The first set of resources will target providers and immigrant family interactions to ensure that patients and families are receiving accurate information in healthcare settings. The second set of resources will focus more broadly on community members and will span multiple different media to reach a larger population.

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Combatting Public Charge Rule Misinformation





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