What’s Up, Docs? Is a Forum for

Pediatrician Perspectives


A Chapter is only as good as the sum of its parts.  “What’s Up Docs?” is a way for pediatric providers of Northern and Central California to share your ideas with each other.  Treat it like an op-ed column, a shared blog, or a bulletin board for your diverse perspectives on diverse topics as pediatricians throughout Northern and Central California.


A few simple guidelines:

  • Keep it to about 1 page, roughly (500 words).
  • Keep comments respectful and productive.
  • Articles are subject to editing.
  • Please include:
    • your name as you would like it posted
    • your photo/headshot and/or another related image (with source to confirm usage rights)
    • your original article.

The Incentives, or “Carrots,” so to speak:

  • Share your ideas and thoughts with others!
  • AAP CA Chapter 1 will host and post your articles.
  • Easily share your article on social media
    • Recommended: @AAPCA1, #AAPCA1WhatsUpDocs


We’re all in this wild world together. This is but one attempt to make it a tiny bit smaller.  So, Docs… tell us What’s Up!


To submit a What’s Up Docs perspective piece, please email to info@aapca1.org.

For comments on “What’s Up Docs?”, please send to AAP Chapter 1.

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