Our mission is to strengthen collaboration between primary care pediatricians, developmental and behavioral subspecialists, and families to ensure children receive comprehensive high quality developmental and behavioral (DB) pediatric care. To achieve this we work to optimize the relationship between primary care and subspecialists, provide education and disseminate strategies to support quality clinical practice, and advocate on behalf of children and providers to improve the quality and accessibility of DB services for children.



Renee Wachtel, MD, FAAP (Lead)

Diane Dooley, MD, MHS, FAAP (Co-lead for Collaboration)

Isra Uz-Zaman, MS (Project Manager)

Megan Warner, MPH (Project Coordinator)


Planned Activities:

4 Peer-to-Peer Learning Sessions in collaboration with ASHEW & ACEs Aware Projects. Two lead speakers (one DBP and one PCP) from the ACEs Aware Circle of Support will lead active case discussions for each of the four P2P sessions. 


View Recordings of Sessions:

Session 1: How can Healthcare work with Schools to Address ACEs – 9/28/21

Slides available HERE


Session 2: Autism Spectrum – Challenges Faced by Individuals and Families – 10/26/21

Slides Available HERE


Session 3: ACEs and Young Children – 11/30/21

Slides Available HERE

ACEs in Young Children References


Session 4: Red Flags for Baby Blues- 1/21/22


Slides Available HERE

Additional Resources For Perinatal Depression