SIREESHA PALKAMSETTI, MD, FAAP – South Valley Member Area Director

Dr. Palkamsetti is a board-certified pediatrician working in the Central Valley for the last 5 years. It is a unique location with a diversified population with agriculture and healthcare being the two big industries. As a pediatrician working in an FQHC she has worked closely with kids. She has been on the frontlines dealing with covid, asthma, teenage pregnancy, obesity and last but not least, mental health. Being a member of AAP-CA, she has worked to bring their message to the children and parents during her years of work. As a pediatrician, Dr. Palkamsetti is privileged to be in a position where her word matters to people and would like channel it in the appropriate way to help the community around her as Area Director of AAP-CA South Valley. She hopes to serve as the mouth piece for the children in her area, to bring forth the issues that plague them, and work to conquer them gradually.

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