Chapter Vice-President

NEEL PATEL, MD, FAAP – Vice President

Dr. Neel Patel has been a member of his chapter since completing training at Children’s Oakland in 2004. Over the years, the AAP has provided him with an abundance of opportunities to both grow as a member and leader. In his early career, he served as a co-chair for the Young Physicians and participated in numerous AAP-led quality improvement projects through QUINN. Since 2020, Dr. Patel has served as the Member-at-Large (MAL) for San Mateo.

The AAP and his chapter have provided an anchor for Dr. Patel as a pediatrician. The AAP supports the careers of pediatricians in many ways, including providing access to CME, quality improvement initiatives, networking opportunities, and support for well-being. This support was particularly evident during the pandemic, and Dr. Patel believes it is difficult to imagine what he would have done without the AAP’s assistance in supporting children and pediatricians over the past three years. He believes this will continue to be true as he moves forward.

As a former First 5 Commissioner, Dr. Patel also currently serves as a First 5 San Mateo Physician Champion with a special focus on Help Me Grow. Among other things, he hopes to use his Chapter 1 leadership platform to advocate for family and caregiver advocacy, chapter philanthropy efforts, and the ongoing discussion of diversity, equity, and inclusion. One of his most meaningful contributions as a MAL was coordinating and leading a chapter chat on attitudes toward developmental screening in communities of color.

Dr. Patel acknowledges that there is always more that can be done and recognizes the importance of time and strategy in his efforts. As the Vice President, he pledges to work with the Board and each member of his chapter to advocate further for children, the AAP, and the members themselves. He embraces the opportunity to represent the diverse interests of the chapter and commits to attending regular meetings, participating in committees, and promoting Chapter 1 CME that all pediatricians value.

Dr. Patel is inspired by the strong network of passionate pediatricians in his chapter, and he considers each one a leader worthy of admiration. As the chapter’s Vice President, he aims to continue advocating for children, supporting well-being, strengthening the bond among pediatricians, and connecting the robust pediatric community with other California chapters.

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