Member at Large

BINDYA SINGH, MD, FAAP – Santa Clara Area Director

Dr. Bindya Singh is a Board Certified Pediatrician and Neonatologist and has been a Fellow with AAP since 1998 with a passion for Preventative Health and Safety Initiatives for Children. Dr. Singh continues to hold various leadership roles with emphasis on education and implementation of safe and health practices. More recently, she also started studying law to better understand the Legislative Process and enhance her knowledge of how to introduce and implement laws.

Dr. Singh wishes to apply her knowledge, experience and passion to serve the children of the community with earnest zeal. In particular, she is interested in preventing gun violence and increasing protection of kids from abuse and addiction be it physical, sexual, emotional, chemical or electrical. Dr. Singh hopes that together with the team of compassionate and caring colleagues at AAP, she may be able to create positive changes in health and safety practices for the entire nation.