ARATHZY PORTILLO, BS — Marketing & Communications Assistant


Arathzy graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelors in Public Policy with an emphasis in Healthcare Management. During her time, she worked with several policy advocacy nonprofit organizations as she is passionate about creating positive change in her community. Her involvement in analyzing pressing social issues prevalent in the city of Los Angeles fueled her desire to continue working with nonprofit organizations that focused on alleviating social issues. Poverty, food insecurity, housing opportunities, and other urging social issues has helped Arathzy sympathize and understand the importance of working with organizations that strive to promote equity.  Since her many leadership roles and experiences working with USC TriO Program, Kaiser Permanente, and Charles R. Drew Medicine & Science, she has learned an array of fortunate experiences that have strengthen her understanding of healthcare advocacy by using social media to promote these pressing issues. She strategically leveraged platforms by providing engaging content to create a virtual community. Her social media marketing experiences facilitated increasing awareness to a wider audience.

As a Los Angeles native, she enjoys the sunny weather and spends most of her time exploring hiking trails, beaches, and overall doing outdoor activities with friends and family.

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