Physician Practice & Wellness


Vintage Docs

The focus of the Vintage Docs committee is to provide information on life transitions for senior pediatricians, both professionally and personally and to provide an opportunity to participate in child advocacy and mentorship programs for young pediatricians.

Chair(s): Harvey Kaplan, MD, FAAP








Continuing Medical Education

The Committee on Continuing Medical Education coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the Continuing Medical Education (CME) program and its individual activities to ensure quality and consistency in the content development and design process as well as to provide oversight for the accreditation of the AAP CME program. The primary role of the committee is to ensure that the AAP CME program remains on the leading edge of pediatric continuing medical education. Thus, a critical function of the committee is to recommend new directions and/or initiatives for the AAP CME program in consideration of sound educational practice based on the principles of adult learning theory and the most current and evidence-based CME research.

Mika Hiramatsu, MD, FAAP

Vice Chair:
Yasmin Carim, MD, FAAP







Early Career Physicians

This committee provides valuable guidance and resources for physicians who are transitioning out of residency and fellowship. The Committee’s primary focus is on advocacy, mentoring and education. We are currently working on developing sub-committees on a nationwide level that include: Connectivity, Work/Life Balance, Improving Member Value, Personal Finance Management, Leadership Skills/Development, and Workforce Policy.

Chair(s): Bhavin Doshi, MD, MPH, FAAP