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Pediatric Resilience Circles

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Event Cost: $50 for 6 sessions

California Chapter 1 is bringing back this exciting benefit to members: Pediatric Resilience Circles. If you are feeling emotional fatigue and stress, Pediatric Resilience Circles can be a source of respite and recharging. These Pediatric Resilience Circles are structured around the We Are Resilient™ approach, which includes research-based skills which promote mental health.

We Are Resilient™

  • Helps you navigate your personal daily stressors and work/life changes.
  • Defines resilience in a deeper, more meaningful way to help you to improve your relationships, have more honest conversations, and improve your team’s ability to work together.
  • Helps you provide trauma-informed care to prevent and mitigate the detrimental health effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and trauma on your patients.
  • Helps you and your colleagues deal with your own trauma, particularly vicarious trauma, and boost your ability to center, connect, and collaborate.
  • Supports your team in communication needs, unleashing creativity, and solving problems together.

What to Expect:

  • These six-week 1-hour virtual sessions help you explore the material through virtual small-group discussions and exercises.
  • The sessions are weekly on Thursdays from 7:00pm – 8:00pm beginning February 23 and concluding on March 30.
  • The cost for the full series is $50.00 for chapter members, with AAPCA1 covering the remaining cost.

If you are interested, we encourage you to sign up!





What Do Other Participants Say?


100% of participants from the previous Pediatric Resilience Circle felt like they benefited and would recommend it.

“I truly feel that it has helped me become a stronger clinician and parent; I feel more connected to my patients and my family. I feel that I have more to give/offer while also feeling recharged (rather than depleted). Without exaggeration, I no longer feel burned out. I am so grateful for and energized by this work!” – Resilience Circles Participant, Spring 2022


Why Join a Resilience Circle? – with Dr. Miriam Rhew


How “We Are Resilient” Helps BCHO Clinic to Become Trauma Informed – with Dr. Dayna Long


Word From Our Chapter President

One of my first columns for this newsletter as Chapter Vice President was about physician wellness and burnout. What I wrote then is even more true now, as we enter the fourth year of the COVID pandemic. Quoting that column from 2019:

“I recently attended a talk by Tait Shanafelt, MD, the Chief Wellness Officer for Stanford Medicine. After presenting the statistics and discussing the scope of the problem, he talked about some interventions that specifically addressed burnout and satisfaction by fostering community and support from colleagues. The results were impressive if unsurprising, physicians who had a structured, regular way to connect with colleagues had lower levels of burnout and found more meaning in their work. His summary: “The medicine was colleagues connecting with each other. Everything else was the syringe.”

As I said in that column, my involvement with my AAP colleagues is the “medicine” for me. Staying connected to you all and doing the learning, advocacy, and work of caring for each other and our patients is one of the ways I stay energized and enthusiastic. This fall, the chapter is bringing back a resource for our members who may be feeling emotional fatigue and stress. We are partnering with Dovetail Learning to conduct Resilience Circles to help our members get some respite and recharge. These Pediatric Resilience Circles are structured around the Dovetail Learning We Are Resilient approach, which provides “practical, research-based skills for coping with stress, strengthening relationships, and finding joy.” If you are interested in getting more information or participating in this program, sign up here:

Nelson Branco, MD, FAAP

AAPCA1 President