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Community Resource! Enviro-Art: 2023 AAP Youth Climate Art Exhibition

March 1 - April 22, 2023

About Enviro-Art

Calling all young artists (18 and under)! San Diego Pediatricians for Clean Air and San Diego Audubon Society are happy to present Enviro-Art, an art contest with climate change and environmental conservation themes. Our goal is to provide youth artists an opportunity to create an art piece based on the current climate crisis, then to provide our artists a space to present their artwork. We encourage our artists to get in touch with nature and provide an artistic interpretation of their experiences with climate change and its effects on the world around them. Along with our California site, we are also working with Oregon, New York, and Missouri to spark creativity in artivists (art activists) all over the country.

Our children grow up in the world that we create for them. It is important that we acknowledge the environment that we create and do our best to preserve nature and those agents who act on it. As we borrow the Earth from our children, it’s important that we acknowledge those who will be affected by the climate crisis both now and in the future. Enviro-Art aims to serve as a lens for how the youth interpret the environmental impacts faced by the world around them. We welcome all participating youth 18 and under to draw a picture, build a sculpture, take a photograph, compose a poem, create any artwork to express their thoughts on climate change and its effects on the world around us, as well as the future they would like to see. We welcome parents and adults to experience the talent, imagination, and narratives created by our youth artivists in our physical and virtual art galleries.

For every art piece, we will donate a tree to the Eden Reforestation Project!


SUBMIT YOUR ART BY APRIL 22, 2023 AT 11:59pm!


This Year’s Theme: Clear Skies

Carbon emissions, smoke, and smog pollute the skies, adversely affecting birds and their habitats. We are not immune to the adverse air effects as well, as cases of allergic rhinitis and asthma are on the rise. Light pollution quashes the light of the stars that we see at night. Noise pollution ruptures the sounds of nature, disorienting animals. Wildfires exacerbate the production of smoke, adding to these pollutants in the air that we then breathe. The health risks are present and on the rise. This is the air that we breathe. These are the skies that we look up to everyday. It is with this in mind that we implore you to think of the songs of birds, the flapping of colorful feathers, the beautiful blue sky, the breathtaking glow of a sunset, and all the birds that soar through the sky. This is an achievable reality and the basis of this year’s theme: Clear Skies.

This year, we are partnering with Audubon societies all across the country in celebration of all the birds around us, the skies they fly through, and the habitats that they live in. We encourage all participants to consider this theme as they create their art pieces. Join us as we imagine a world of clear skies that we can all enjoy!

Here in California, we are partnering with San Diego Audubon in order to make this happen.

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Our Team:

Art Wing: Wayne Mai (Lead Art Intern), Nicole Manuguid (Administrative Intern), Laisha Felix (Social Intern), Ashley Teo (Coordinator Intern), Andrei Fodoreanu MD, Vi Nguyen MD

Poetry Wing: Tae Yun, Gabriella Javier, Aviva DeVore, Thao Yun, Chelsea Lim, Addy Javier, Charlotte Smith, Benjamin Smith, Maricor Javier MD, Rachel Ireland MD

Children’s Art Council: TBA (join today!)

Check our our Oregon team: Enviro-Art – Oregon Pediatric Society