Lots of reasons to donate to AAP California Chapter 1 Foundation.

The American Academy of Pediatrics California Chapter 1 Foundation goes beyond the physician’s office to partner with local community organizations to provide support to parents and children in their communities throughout Northern and Central California. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization whose purpose is to foster and improve health, well-being and safety of children in Northern California.

The Foundation is primarily focused on three areas:

1.) Provide support to families in crisis by connecting parents or care givers with community resources designed to improve care giving and coping skills, reduce stress, with the goal of keeping the family together.

2.) Provide support to families facing homelessness by connecting families with community shelters, day time hospitality centers, and other organizations that provide support to those in need.

3.) Provide support to organizations that alleviate food insecurity by partnering with local food banks, and other non-profits that distribute food to those that are hungry.

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