Sacramento Children’s Fund Act of 2020 AKA Measure G

Isra Uz-Zaman, MS, Executive Director

Our chapter joined the Sacramento Kids First coalition, Sacramento’s largest grassroots coalition, in support of Sacramento Children’s Fund Act of 2020. The act requires the city to set aside a modest 2.5% of its general fund each year for child and youth services (does not raise taxes), including for after school and summer programs, mental health counseling, support for homeless youth, and the needs of youth of color and LGBTQ youth and more (read more about the measure here). I spoke to the Sacramento City Council along with over 150 youth and adult leaders, making the case from the perspective of children’s health and prevention to add the Children’s Fund Act of 2020 to the March ballot and we were successful! This act has been added to the March 2020 ballot as Measure G, three city council members — City Councilmember Jay Shenirer, Vice Mayor Eric Guerra and City Councilmember Allen Warren — joined yes on the measure and current efforts are in getting community support to vote Yes on Measure G. If you’d like to join these efforts, you may request a yard or window sign or donate. If Measure G passes, we estimate over 20,000 Sacramento kids will benefit each year and Sacramento will have taken a big step forward in investing in prevention!