VACANT – Early Career Physician Representative

Position Description / Roles and Responsibilities

Term: Two years
Qualification(s): A current member in good standing of the chapter and of the Section on Early Career Physicians
Appointment Process: The Executive Committee will review the applicant’s CV and inform applicant of appointment.

Core Responsibilities:
1. Attend all chapter meetings

2. Serve as the contact person for chapter leadership to voice the “ECP perspective”

3. Write one article annually for the AAPCA1 newsletter

4. Reach out to new ECP chapter members (new member info will be provided periodically by the SOECP) in order to provide your contact information and engage these new members in chapter activities

5. Participate in two phone conferences annually (April and November) with SOECP leadership and other chapter representatives, and serve as the chapter contact point for your district ECP representative.

6. Outreach to residency programs:
a. Coordinate yearly presentation to residents on ECPs and the AAP (details will be provided)
b. Serve as the ECP contact person for the representative from the Section on Pediatric Trainees (SOPT)

7. Create an ECP Chapter Committee and serve as chair
a. Possibly include ECPs, resident chapter reps, and SOPT program delegates

Other Opportunities:
1. Assist with chapter Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities
2. Assist with chapter advocacy meetings/training
3. Chair the chapter Early Career Physician Committee (if applicable)
4. Write additional articles for chapter and SOECP publications/newsletters as needed/desired
5. Assist chapter with writing resolutions for the Annual Leadership Forum
6. Participate as needed in national meetings
7. Assist with chapter/national mentorship programs
8. Participate in chapter subcommittees/sections

**Please recognize that this is a compilation of recommenced position responsibilities. We fully recognize that one person may not be able to take on all of the above and may need to be shared amongst a few early career physicians.

To Apply, email your CV and headshot to