Expanding Our Care

Valley Children’s Healthcare has decades of educating future physicians and pediatricians. We have an established and nationally recognized medical education program that partners to train over 140 residents, approximately half being family medicine residents who will serve adults and kids.  Several years ago, the decision was made by our Board of Trustees to sponsor our own Pediatric Residency Program in affiliation with Stanford School of Medicine. 

Two years of hard work, commitment and collaboration has paid off!  Our sponsoring Institutional accreditation was received in October 2015 followed by our programmatic accreditation in May 2016.  We received a total of 342 applications for our 13 resident positions and interviewed a total of 188 candidates from October 2016- January 2017.    On March 17th, we revealed our inaugural class to the network and to the community.  We recruited 13 outstanding candidates from all over the country including 4 Central Valley natives.   This is a critical step, not only for Valley Children’s but for the entire Valley, as we bring an innovative inter-professional educational program that aims to train and retain pediatricians to serve our underserved and deserving 45,000 square mile catchment area.

We believe that our inaugural class was inspired and drawn to Valley Children’s for its commitment to clinical excellence as well for the advocacy work that is done for the Valley.  Once our residents fall in love with Valley Children’s, the population we serve, and Fresno my hope is that many will want to stay and serve our communities.   Our goal is to create outstanding clinicians, strong advocates and fearless leaders for future generations of our Valley communities.

We are especially excited about our ability to attract local students back home to the valley.  Doctors tend to practice where they learn and become invested in the communities they serve, a likelihood that increases if residents are from the area.

We are especially excited to partner with Chapter 1 of the AAP as we train and lead our residents to serve and advocate for some of the neediest and unserved children in the state.

Jolie Limon, M.D.,FAAP  is Chief of Pediatrics and Executive Director, Medical Education for Valley Children's Healthcare.

Author: Jolie Limon, M.D., FAAP