AAP and Other Resources: Fires in Northern California


Hi Everyone,

We just wanted to reach out to you to find out how you, your families, your patients and your communities were doing; the disastrous fires in Northern California have affected many / all of us. We are attaching a few documents (smoke exposure, mental health, general info) that may be helpful as you address the many issues and questions that may have come up. Please do let us know if there are any specific needs, especially if you are in areas in and around the fire zones. Also, if you have any practical ideas for helping those in need, please also feel free to send email to our office - info@aapca1.org or to takayamaj@gmail.com. We will recirculate; please also feel free to forward and share. Apologies, in advance, if you get some redundant communications.

The Bay Area Resources (courtesy of social workers at UCSF) may be especially helpful to print out distribute and/or place in a visible location!


AAP sites that may be especially helpful include the following:

- first one is on disasters in general (sorry the website has a lot of info)

- second one is about wildfires

- third one is about coping




With thoughts and prayers,



John Takayama

Maria Sperber

Raelene Walker

Zoey Goore

Yasuko Fukuda