Advocacy Priorities

Here is what our chapter has been doing to advocate for children's health. 

To get involved please contact Aaron Nayfack at or Rhea Boyd at

Reduce Childhood Poverty and Food Insecurity

  • Developed the "Who’s Hungry? You Can’t Tell by Looking" Campaign to educate the public and pediatricians that 1 in 4 children in California suffer from food insecurity and hunger. Promoted awareness and education of the extent of child hunger/food insecurity throughout our chapter.
  • Created a traveling photo exhibit with pictures of 20 children (10 food insecure) photographed by Karen Ande.
  • Developed a poster for Pediatricians offices and partnered with Second Harvest Food Bank to include Nutrition RX Pads for Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. 
  • Promoted universal routine screening using the 2 item HFSS screen.
  • Collaborated with local Food Banks, Public Health, WIC, School Districts, and other community based organizations to improve referral and access to nutrition resources for food insecure families.
  • Partnered with San Francisco tech non-profit to support the development of web-based and mobile social service referral tools that can enable physicians to make quick, easy, and reliable social service referrals from their clinics.

Advocate for Tax Proposals and Warning Labels on Sugar Sweetened Beverages

  • Raised awareness about the San Francisco November ballot initiative that would charge 2 cents/ounce on sugar sweetened beverages.  The funds raised will go towards health and fitness programs.  
  • Supported a statewide bill that would have required soda and other SSBs to have a warning label, akin to the tobacco warning labels.  That bill passed out of the Senate Health Committee but died in the Assembly Health Committee.  

Promote Gun Safety

  • Developed a PSA/photo campaign around gun violence prevention and safe storage of guns. The goal is to create a compelling poster for placement in pediatricians' offices with photos of children and a simple statement urging safe storage. 

Advocate for Improvements to the Foster Care System

  • Advocate for maintaining California Children's Services (CCS) beyond the sunset date at the end of 2015.
  • Work closely with Assembly member Richard Pan's office on the possibility of legislation that would make improvements in the CCS program, while maintaining beyond 2015 its core functions of assuring quality and care coordination for California's most vulnerable children.
  • Build collaborations between primary care and mental health providers for foster youth and improve  access to medical and psychological data to evaluate foster youth. 

Substance Abuse Prevention

  • Promote the work of the Clinical Effort Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure Study (CEASE) project.
  • Design a community education project concerning E-Cigarettes.
  • Develop a pilot research effort on the intersection of use of blunts and subsequent tobacco addiction.
  • Research issues concerning the potential legalization of recreational marijuana in CA (ballot measure in 2016).
  • Track education efforts about designer and party drugs.
  • Promote the use of Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) in the office setting.

Promote Healthy School Based Environments

  • Identify current state school health needs suitable to legislative remedy; e.g., "stock" Albuterol supply to be available for use by trained school staff to treat students with 'asthma attack' who are without access to Rx. This is a commonly encountered problem by school health staff.
  • Collaborate with the local First 5 Commissions, the public school system and other health care professionals to ensure that school children have appropriate medical care and a safe learning environment in their schools.

How to be an Effective Advocate