2017 NCE Presentation

Rhea Boyd MD

The presentation was presented at the 2017 NCE as a plenary session on social media and health. It was entitled Snapshots for Social Justice: Bridging Images and Collective Action. My intention was to centre the larger public conversation regarding racism, white supremacy, Islamophobia, and violence and to challenge paediatricians to respond with empathy and collective action. In the presentation, I ask my colleagues and the AAP more broadly, to make marginalized kids and families, including kids and families of colour, intentionally visible in our work, which means thinking beyond placing certain faces on websites or pamphlets. I also ask us to name and find ways to give marginalized kids and families power, not simply resources. And I close with a charge to make social justice a mission of our medical practice. The opening photo in the presentation, on the title slide, is of Ieshia Evans iconic stance as she resisted the police state in Baton Rouge Louisiana, following the murder of Alton Sterling. I hope folks enjoy the presentation and I'd be happy to respond to thoughts or comments at this email address (rheaboydmd@gmail.com).